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New Day Women's Clinic (formerly Pregnancy Helpline of Walworth County) is aiming to be the first in Walworth County to offer free ultrasound (US) services to moms in need.

God has provided an amazing new ultrasound machine through the generosity of our Knights of Columbus supporters.  

We have two incredible nurses ready to serve.

Now we need you!

***Here is how YOU make a difference***

In order to perform ultrasound scans without supervision, our nurses need a minimum of 50-75 hands on training scans.  We have a goal of getting our ultrasound program serving the community by the end of the year.  The only way this is going to happen is to provide professional on-site training for our nurses.  There are significant costs associated with this level of professional training.

YOU make it all possible by joining to #trainUS. 

The immediate and ongoing training needs are significant and vital to ensuring excellence of service.  The opportunity awaits you to be a part of the big picture betterment of your community!

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