What is togetherweraise, and why would I use it?

We're an online crowdfunding platform that offers:

CommunityArt, science, business, and social good projects are all welcome
AffordabilityKeep the funds you raise (not an 'all or nothing' model).
No upfront cost to launch
For each payment, there is a 2.9% + $0.30 charged by our partners. We charge an additional 1.6% on top of that for the use of our platform. A total of 4.5% + $0.30.
ValueRobust funding platform that makes it quick and easy to raise money.
Unique, simple crowdfunding education - curriculum and tools.
Latest industry news - at the forefront of crowdfunding innovation

What is crowdfunding?

The act of reaching many people, typically over the Internet, who send small amounts of money to support an idea, or cause. It dramatically streamlines traditional money-raising models, allowing those in need to receive funds faster, whether to support a charitable cause, or fund a startup business.

How do people use crowdfunding to help them?

People use crowdfunding in different ways. Some people use it for straight fundraising for their project. Others use it for raising money but focus more on getting people excited about their idea, spreading awareness, and marketing.

Why does crowdfunding exist?

It is a new take on an old idea. In ages past, art, research, and inventions were often funded by patrons. The difference with crowdfunding is that you get smaller amounts from many patrons (not one wealthy aristocrat). Please remember to thank your donors and send out incentives/perks if you’ve offered them.

Why crowdfunding and why now?

We are more connected than ever before. Modern social networking makes reaching out simple, and virtually free. More and more people are working for themselves and taking up projects independently. A new revolution is emerging on the grassroots level of independent creativity and entrepreneurship. Crowdfunding is the foundation of this new economy.

How do I know if it is for me?

If you have a project that excites you, and you think it will excite others, then it is for you. Passion is contagious.

How can I be successful at crowdfunding?

After years of experience and observation, we have narrowed down the formula:

Project + Network + Perks = SUCCESS!

These factors determine which projects achieve their goals. Your network is the center of any successful project. Those who press the funding button will make an emotional connection with how you talk about your project. Funders may be moved by your passion, the project itself, or both, but somehow you made them feel they had to support you.

Who can use togetherweraise?

Anyone and everyone. There are no barriers. And as long as your idea is legal and in good taste, you are good to go.

Can I keep what I raise?


How much does it cost?

For each payment, the processing costs are 2.9% + $0.30 charged by our payment processing partner. We charge an additional 1.6% on top of that for the use of our platform. A total of 4.5% + $0.30.

Can projects raise more money than their financial goal?


Do I have to live in the US to launch a project?

No. You can live (nearly) anywhere in the world.

When do I get the funds that I raise through my togetherweraise project?

Fast. togetherweraise's payments team processes payments on the first Friday following the completion of your project timeframe. Generally, it will take 5 to 10 business days after that for you to receive your funds.

How do I receive my funds?

You will receive your funds by digital payment. Reach out to support@stewardshiptechnology.com to check on the process for your country if not in the USA.

Where are the funds kept?

The funds are handled securely by a PCI compliant payment processor and it is transferred to the campaign manager immediately.

How do I reach togetherweraise?

Contact support@stewardshiptechnology.com

Does togetherweraise own a % of products or ideas developed through togetherweraise?


Can I run more than one project at the same time?

Yes, but we advise doing one at a time for the best results.

Can I split one large project into a few smaller projects?

Yes. That can be a very good idea for projects that require a sum of money that you think will be difficult to raise from your network all at one time. If that is the case, split up the projects and fund them one by one.