Accessible: Putting the power of fundraising in everyone's hands

  1. Quick and Free to Start - Have a fundraising idea right now? A togetherweraise fundraising account can be created and launched within minutes.
  2. Open to anyone - A togetherweraise account can be used for a variety of different campaigns: for-profit, non-profit, political, personal reasons, and much more.
  3. Worldwide - Through our various international partners, togetherweraise capabilities can help anyone around the globe.

Ease of Use and Technology: The success of your campaign is in how user friendly your technology tool is and how well you market it

  1. Start - togetherweraise has striven to give our clients the ability to customize and professionally publish their campaigns within minutes. Not tech savvy? No problem!
  2. Analyze and Track - Our campaigner portals allows for clients to easily track and reach out to their funders and backers, pre and post campaign.
  3. Marketing Services - For an additional fee we will help you market what inspires you to an external audience.

Education: An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest

  1. Industry News - Stay on-top of trends in the fundraising industry.
  2. International access - togetherweraise has created and cultivated partnerships to help anyone around the globe to raise funds.
  3. Unique, simple crowdfunding education - togetherweraise has created a portal dedicated to help understand the fast growing industry of crowdfunding, how to create pages, and best practices in gaining supporters.
  4. Diversification - Our platform strives to cater its services for the benefit of art, science, business, social good, adventure, and much more.


    Most Crowdfunding sites charge 5-10% to use their platforms. All online fundraising requires a third party credit card processor such as WePay. They charge a fee of 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction. When a donation is processed, the processor deducts their fees for the donation total unless the donors agree to pay the fee, which we offer as an option.

    togetherweraise appreciates the 1.6% platform donation fee that allows us to offer exceptional services. What inspires you also inspires us, so your passion may be chosen to receive a donation from us that is equal to your entire platform support fee, therefore making our platform totally free.
    We are maximizing the amount raised for the campaign.