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I've worked in this ministry for over 20 years, serving women in crisis pregnancies. I understand more than the average pro-lifer as to why women have abortions. My staff and I have met with hurting women over and over in painful and scary circumstances that drive them to the abortion clinic. Our hearts break when we hear the stories of these women and we feel helpless many times in our service to them. For the past two years, we have optimized our services and changed our methodology to be proactive in this ministry of saving babies and serving women. We aim to help prevent crisis pregnancies, build relationships with women over time by meeting their healthcare needs and addressing their sexuality as well as encouraging a relationship with their creator and friend, Jesus Christ.

For this, we have been highly criticized by some of the very people who are supposed to be on our side because we now offer fertility education and prescription hormonal contraception to help offset and delay unwanted pregnancies. So now we have to move, but we trust there are people like you who agree that we should be helping to prevent crisis pregnancies and will donate to help us raise the funds we need to purchase our own building.  

For $1,000 you can personalize a tile displayed on a prominent wall in our new clinic. You have 5 lines (20 characters ea line) to speak about your stand for life or your family names or your business.

Thank you so much for standing with us to help prevent crisis pregnancies… to help save babies and serve women!  

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